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Ocoded object, protected object

Ocode protects objects and people against loss and theft,
fraud and scams and wear and tear

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Our solution

Ocode, a next generation code

A physical marking

The marking is unique and secure, it proves the object identity andownership

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A shared register

Our register is decentralised and collaborative, which enables you to document and access the history of objects

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Anonymous communication

Without revealing your identity, your object becomes a direct communication link with you

Found an ocoded object?

Head to scan-ocode to return it!

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Scan an object

Ils offrent à leurs clients la protection Ocode

By simply scanning the object using the Ocode app, you can easily access to information, contribute to it, and communicate with others.

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Mobile App

Ocode protects the value of your property

A unique physical marking

An indelible code combined with a professionally certified digital passport makes each object unique and valuable.
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Tamper-proofdigital certificate of origin and authenticity

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Proof ofownership

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Object identity card
(and list of original components)

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Certified history
(modifications, maintenance, resales...)

Ocode extend the object's lifespan

A tamper-proof digital safe

A participatory and forgery-proof digital register to accompany the life of the object, helping prolong its lifespan from owner to owner.

Shared object event log
(manufacture, maintenance, repairs, claims, resale, revaluation…)

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Digital maintenance log with automated alerts

Media library
(videos, tutorials, manuals, brand content)

(Invoices, warranties, photos…)

Ocode protects you

A direct and anonymous link with you

Scanning the Ocode allows anyone to directly and securely communicate with you without the need to share personal identity or contact information.

Return of recovered goods in case
of misplacement, loss or theft 
(compatible with law enforcement agencies’ on-board system)

Owner verification on the second-hand market

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‘Useful’ link between the brand and successive owners

Peer2Peer communication community

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A professional platform to stay connected to your products and their owners throughout the entire product lifecycle.

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Ocode facilitates service and maintenance

Aggregate and share specific product information for smoother after-sales service, and build customer loyalty by supporting product maintenance

Ocode improves product knowledge

Monitor an object’s life to better understand its use, and manage the life cycle of your aftermarket products to improve your products

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Ocode grows your community

Maintain a direct link with the successive owners of the object and reach out to second hand owners to grow your community

Ocode can be easily integrated
into your existing processes

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Ocode offers many easy to use marking solutions

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Ocode provides APIs for retrieving information or creating custom connections

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Ocode provides communication materials for your customers and your distribution network

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Together for a trust society

Do you want to help build the foundations of a new society built on trust and reciprocity? Join us!

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